Rock n’ Roll runners cross the finish line in Raleigh

Peter Koutroumpis, Triangle Sports Network
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RALEIGH, N.C. – The 2016 Rock n’ Roll Raleigh Marathon and Half Marathon concluded a weekend full of running events on Fayetteville Street on Sunday.

By the end of it all, 9,300 registered runners from 50 states and nine countries had completed one or more of the three courses set up to challenge them while taking in and enjoying the sights of the city amid spectators cheering them on and ample live music filling the brisk air.

Following Saturday’s inaugural 5K race which was staged at Dorthea Dix Park, half and full marathoners stayed warm inside a number of downtown building doorways and lobbies while awaiting the 7 a.m. start.

With the temperature slowly rising from just below freezing, by the time the first participants began to cross the finish line, the sun was up and provided warmth while subtle cool breezes filtered through openings along the streets.

Sean Zion (31, Cameron, N.C.) finished the men’s marathon course with a time of 2:42:46 while female leader Emma Astrike-Davis (20, Durham, N.C.) followed with a final finish of 2:59:18.

Local runner Bobby Mack (31, Raleigh, N.C.) crossed the line in 1:08:01 to claim top spot in the half marathon with Molly Nunn (32, Winston-Salem, N.C.) leading the women’s group with a time of 1:21:16.

On Saturday, David Meeker (32, Raleigh) finished the 5K loop in 17:45 and 17-year old Anna Armfield (Franklin, N.C.) followed closely behind at 20:28.

With the third year of the event in the books, Rock n’ Roll Raleigh will return for at least the next two years, through 2018, for participants and spectators alike to mark on their calendars.

2016 Rock n’ Roll Raleigh – The numbers

Note: Total runner numbers listed below are posted per official event results. Various possible reasons such as not putting the timing strap on at all or improperly doing so, and/or withdrawing or not showing up are a few reasons that could account with the discrepancy with reported registration numbers.

2016 Finisher Zone Results

7759 Total Runners timed – 5K, Half and Full Marathon

Males – 3,175 total runners finished for time

Females – 4,584 total runners finished for time

From NC – 5,485 – 60 % of field (registered time finishers)

2016 Rock n’ Roll Raleigh – Marathon Top 10



1/Sean Zion/2:42:46

2/Brian Fowler/2:44:17

3/Thomas George/2:47:19

4/Amadeo Iraheta Mejia2:51:04

5/Kenny Roman/2:55:36

6/Chad Melton/2:55:55

7/Jake Hausauer/2:56:09

8/Jonathan Smith/2:59:06

9/Brian Beatty/2:59:44

10/Ivaylo Benov/3:00:01



1/Emma Astrike-Davis/2:59:18

2/Brittany Van Nielen/3:10:51

3/Amanda Knapp/3:14:53

4/Laura Hanson/3:13:59

5/Mackenzie Johnson/3:16:25

6/Mandy Becker/3:20:49

7/Tami Christensen/3:24:18

8/Kayla Holder/3:28:29

9/Christina Depriest/3:29:07

10/Natalie Wangner/3:30:40

2016 Rock n’ Roll Raleigh – Half Marathon Top 10



1/Bobby Mack/1:08:01

2/Christian Thompson/1:08:37

3/Tibor Vegh/1:10:22

4/Reed Kamyszek/1:10:36

5/Christopher Capps/1:10:43

6/Andris Goncarovs/1:11:35

7/Geoffrey Kenisi/1:12:09

8/Josphat Kiptanui Too/1:12:59

9/Cade Netscher/1:17:39

10/Nate Brooks/1:19:35



1/Molly Nunn/1:21:16

2/Kristina Vegh/1:22:46

3/Nicole Esplin/1:23:30

4/Julia Boulton/1:25:32

5/Mary Lynn Zastrow/1:30:39

6/Charli McKee1:31:16

7/Rachel Castaneda/1:31:24

8/Heather Baker/1:31:35

9/Jenae Logan/1:31:43

10/Anna Armfield/1:32:18

2016 Rock n’ Roll Raleigh – 5K Top 10


Overall Finish/Bib/Name/Time

1/31188/David Meeker/17:45

2/31000/Peter Rivera/18:05

3/31009/Andrew Amaya/18:50

4/34158/Andrew Corbin/19:38

5/31004/Andrew Cassano/19:39

6/31034/Russell Galvan/19:58

7/31072/Christopher Melleby/20:08

8/31189/Alan Squyres/20:09

9/31169/Alex Carlson/20:21

10 31150/ Chris Goggins/20:24


Overall Finish/Bib/Name/Time

13/32045/Anna Armfield/20:28

20/31046/Amanda Knapp/21:16

22/31031/Heather Gutekunst/21:21

27/31017/Robin Tierney/21:29

30/31153/Megan Conner/21:48

36/31027/Samantha Polak/22:06

37/31058/Katherine Alvarez/22:07

42/31023/Latoya Harwell/22:31

45/40058/Julie Gonzalez/22:37

52/32007/Mallory Galloway/22:54