The Triangle Sports Network features originally-reported pro and college sports news stories from the Triangle area (Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill) in North Carolina, with a credentialed staff that reports on the latest from area teams and individuals competing in the NHL, NCAA, PGA, LPGA, NASL and USL, among others.

This digital sports-reporting site, established August 2013, is a full-time and functioning media property owned and operated by PKS Consulting LLC.

Managing Editor Peter Koutroumpis, a freelance writer and sports administration professional who has covered for various online and print entities, along with contributors and freelancers, brings up-to-date reporting from on-site game and event coverage as well as from an editorial perspective and voice.

Koutroumpis’ expertise, experience, and long-term involvement covering various sports has also placed him as a voting member on media polls for the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC), and Inside, among others.

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Peter Koutroumpis

Owner/Managing Editor

Triangle Sports Network