They’re back! Thoughts of the Day on the role of sports in the Covid-19 era

Podcast - The new normal for sports

Peter Koutroumpis, Triangle Sports Network


By Peter Koutroumpis

So, are you happy or stressed with the return of pro sports?

Are you amped up to know that you can finally watch your favorite teams battling for a championship title?

Or that all the free time that you’ve used to be more active to stay healthy during a global pandemic will now disappear.

For many sports fans, the fact that they can’t attend live sports events doesn’t make a difference – they’re just ready to go.

Those who make a living working in the various industries related to sport – collegiate and pro – are looking forward to getting back to doing their jobs.

There is renewed excitement for the positives that the accumulation of sports statistics will provide to counter-balance the sobering daily numbers that the Coronavirus produces.

From the larger perspective, no athletic activities will replace the loss that thousands have endured, but a daily win or two by a favorite team may strengthen the hope and resolve that more and bigger wins will eventually come – in sports and in life.

A few thoughts for what that can mean living through the Covid-19 era of sports.

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