Koutroumpis – Taking it all in

Living in these times, you take the good and the bad

Let 'em know


By Peter Koutroumpis


Everyone’s entitled to an opinion, right? 

There’s so much going on in our world – really close, near, far, far away, really far away, somewhere, everywhere.

You get the idea.

Thank you to social media for helping us to practice how to put it together in our own individual and biased manner.

What’s your way?

It’s so easy to keep the information you want to take in all to your favor at all times.

Just follow, read, or listen to those ideas and concepts you believe in.

If you don’t want negative news or information, you just block it out or don’t read, listen, or talk about it.

In your world, the sun shines every day.

For others, too much sun is blinding, so you have to dim the light some or a lot.

Not everything’s positive, and facing reality in instances deserves honest dialog and action that shows it’s dark out there.

Understanding that we live an existence that places us both in light and in darkness, you can also hold a thought process that is fluid and pulls you in both directions and you’re fine letting it do so.

Hold on, let it go

It’s all a matter of how much control you want and/or must have to influence your psychological and physical well-being, or respond by letting it all evolve organically.

Is it your world you live in, or is it your world you live?

When you can identify where you stand and live your life – in the light, in the dark, or both – you’ll figure out how much you may want to offer others to help them do the same.

However, be cautious to not confuse how you live with judging how others live as being superior or better.

It’s not about that – you don’t have to always win or fear losing.

Don’t try to force them to do anything.

Eyes wide open

There’s nothing wrong with sharing the light, enduring darkness, or realizing that you can do both.

You choose your way, so let others do the same.

It’s hard to not want to influence others in order to justify your choices.

But let it go if they disagree with you – it’s going to happen.

Only then will you understand how much more you enjoy the light, and you’ll have a better appreciation for those who live in more darkness in their world.

Hopefully they will do the same.

Stick to sports

If you’ve made it this far down the page, you’re now asking, “so what does this all have to do with sports?”

Well, not that much.

Actually, a lot.

I’m offering a view, my view, and providing an understanding of what you get from what I present.

Not every story you’ll read, will you agree with some or all points listed.

That’s fine because it’s intentional.

There’s a lot of brightness in sports stories, and a lot of darkness too.

I get blinded by too much light on one team, player, or coach – it gets diluted and boring.

There’s always another side that requires some dimming.

How dark it gets is entirely dependent upon how said subjects exist as well.

Two sides of a coin are shown by those who flip it.

Show me one side, I want to make sure it’s different on the other.

That’s how I live in this ever-evolving world.

My choice.

Peter Koutroumpis: 401-323-8960, @pksport@pksport