Koutroumpis: Remembering the last team you saw play live

What was the last sports event you attended before Covid-19 made it so?

Brian Rapp, Triangle Sports Network
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Peter Koutroumpis


RALEIGH, N.C. – It all seems so long ago.

Covid-19 pandemic life is going on seven weeks and counting now in the Triangle, North Carolina, the United States, and beyond.

This not an insensitive train of thought, but one fully understanding that our current way of life has resulted in the tragic outcomes of tens of thousands of lives lost.

A very sobering and unapologetically blunt reality.

The now cliched ‘new normal’.

The likelihood that it will unfortunately continue is obvious, but hopefully slower and with less death and more survival.

Peter Koutroumpis, Triangle Sports Network

To think of anything past that, to think of sports and entertainment in any way, to play or watch, may seem irrelevant to many.

However, many others tire of watching daily updates of graphs showing rising positive test results and resultant death.

Watching replays of spectacular moments in sports history is fine, but when will it all end so we can get back to what to what we were doing before?

The ‘Stay-At-Home’ lifestyle has resulted in days bleeding into one another – what day is it, again?

What did I do yesterday, last week, last month?

I don’t try to remember the details, but I choose to highlight the unique elements of each day to feel like something has been accomplished, that some journey has been made mentally and physically.

Thinking about it today, the last sports event I was in attendance for was covering the 2020 ACC Women’s Basketball Tournament at Greensboro Coliseum that culminated in the N.C. State Wolfpack winning its first title since 1991 on Mar. 8.

For Carolina Hurricanes fans, a 3-2 loss to the Colorado Avalanche is their last memory of taking in live NHL action at PNC Arena on Feb. 29 before the team began a road trip that eventually halted following a 5-2 win in Detroit.

Sara D. Davis, ACC

For many others in the Triangle, the anticipation of another frenzied and full March Madness experience eventually ground to a full stop following the second round of play at the ACC Men’s Basketball Tournament in Greensboro on Mar. 11.

It didn’t just end that way in North Carolina, but everywhere.

Where were you when sports stopped?

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