Rock n’ Roll Raleigh 5K gets weekend off to brisk start

Peter Koutroumpis, Triangle Sports Network
Peter Koutroumpis, Triangle Sports Network
Peter Koutroumpis, Triangle Sports Network

RALEIGH, N.C. – They all gathered at Dorthea Dix Park early on Saturday morning in seasonably chilly temps for early April.

Not deterred by a little discomfort, 1693 runners posted results in the 2016 Rock n’ Roll Raleigh 5K.

It was the first running of the new event that supplemented Sunday’s half and full marathons.

For experienced and new runners, the course provided its share of subtle elevation changes, but there was an abundance of smiles all the way around from start to finish.

2016 Rock n’ Roll Raleigh – 5K Top 10

Males – 590 total runners

Overall Finish/Bib/Name/Time

1/31188/David Meeker/17:45

2/31000/Peter Rivera/18:05

3/31009/Andrew Amaya/18:50

4/34158/Andrew Corbin/19:38

5/31004/Andrew Cassano/19:39

6/31034/Russell Galvan/19:58

7/31072/Christopher Melleby/20:08

8/31189/Alan Squyres/20:09

9/31169/Alex Carlson/20:21

10/31150/ Chris Goggins/20:24

Females – 1,103 total runners

Overall Finish/Bib/Name/Time

13/32045/Anna Armfield/20:28

20/31046/Amanda Knapp/21:16

22/31031/Heather Gutekunst/21:21

27/31017/Robin Tierney/21:29

30/31153/Megan Conner/21:48

36/31027/Samantha Polak/22:06

37/31058/Katherine Alvarez/22:07

42/31023/Latoya Harwell/22:31

45/40058/Julie Gonzalez/22:37

52/32007/Mallory Galloway/22:54


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